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Individual Health :-
  • Increase awareness and health seeking behaviors of community regarding HIV/AIDS prevention, reproductive, child and other major health concerns.
  • To empower in-school and out-of-school adolescent boys and girls with life skills education.
  • Enhance capacity of community level health workers and health providers at SC, PHC and CHC levels to provide services.
  • Build the capacity of Panchayats to advocate, supervise and monitor community development initiatives to sustain project activities beyond project duration.
  • Improve knowledge of risk status and promote positive behaviors to prevent HIV/AIDS transmission among truckers (mechanics, etc) and migrant laborers.

Environmental Health :-
  • To bring awareness in society about different type of pollution and make program to get rid of it.
  • Increase awareness of community regarding danger of Global Warming and its preventions.

Line of action :-
  • Display posters, pamphlets, flaxes etc. in project area.
  • Organizing meetings.
  • Performances of Street Plays (Nukkar Natak) to give information related to health.
  • Prepare a group of artists called Jagrukta Jattha to create environment by performance of cultural program having folk dances, songs, dramas related to Health Awareness.
  • Lectures of peer educators and influence people.
  • In school activities- essay competition, debate competition, slogan competition and painting competition related to family planning, HIV prevention, tree- plantation and pollution etc.
  • Execution of Health Camp & Health Melas.